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Traveling is expensive enough without the added cost of possible luggage fees. Knowing how to pack your carry-on can be the difference maker that some need when pricing flights and airlines.

There is an art to packing. Learning how to balance essential items and airport security requirements will make you not only a wise traveler but a Pro carry-on packer.

How to pack your carry-on

Carry-on Packing list

Make a list of all the things you plan on taking. Cross off as you gather your different items, and add to the list as things come to you. Making a physical list will help you visually see all of your items instead of trusting your mind in those last-minute packing situations.

Buy a lightweight carry-on

Keeping the weight down on your initial bag should be an obvious thing. It will allow you to add more items without going over the airline’s guidelines. Try to manage by finding a bag that has lots of open space and size but is light and durable.

Roll don’t fold your clothes

THIS! THIS! Many probably don’t know this trick but it is super handy and cuts down on the room your clothing items will take up in your bag. Roll everything you can and see how your carry-on seems so much bigger.

Wear the heavier/bulkier items on

If you are going somewhere that requires a bigger bulkier coat or jacket, wear it on the plane or at least have it on your person. Another way to cut down on weight for your bag.

Ziplock bags and Packing cubes

Both are ways to maximize your limited storage space. Ziplock bags are my lifesaver, using them to place lots of small travel toiletry items keeps them safe and compacted. Packing cubes can be purchased on amazon and help you create areas within your open space carry-on to further organize and maximize your bag.

Travel size items fit nicely when packing your carry-on

Can’t stress this enough, learn how to manage travel-size items such as toothpaste and body wash buy multiple of these but keep them travel-size to save shape, and also adhere to airline liquid guidelines. 

Use your carry-on and one Personal bag to your advantage

Since you are allowed your one personal bag, pack as much in that as possible since it is not weighed by airlines.

Pack 2 shirts/tops for every pair of bottoms

Simple enough as it cuts down on clothes and helps your limited space requirements.

Bring half of what you initially layout

Layout everything you plan to bring and cut it in half, you usually don’t need most of what you think up as you prepare for a trip.

Shoes/sneakers in bags

Use bags to separate those items and keep your clothes from getting dirty in the process.

Use empty spaces like your shoes and stuff things inside

Those ziplock bags fit nicely in these spaces and again help you maximize your space.

Leave space for purchases and souvenirs

Always think ahead and if you plan on possibility purchasing items make sure you save space to add items to your bag (Bearing you keep weight in mind as well)

Don’t pack what will be provided

Hairdryers, straighteners, and other items will be at your lodging.

Wash clothes aboard if you can

This is a must if you can and will greatly cut down on what you have to pack clothing-wise.

Know airline luggage limits

This is a given for anyone planning on traveling and one you should pay attention to depending on which airline you fly with. Buy a luggage scale for your home and be ahead of the game.

One of the biggest ways I can travel for weeks at a time with my life packed into just 1 carry-on is by using my personal bag as one of my best travel companions.

If you can master how to pack it in coordination with your carry-on you will save yourself money and checked bags become a thing of the past. Through my travels, I have acquired lots of different helpful gadgets that can fit into any personal bag and help you master your packing skills.

  • Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Good Book
  • Music Playlist
  • Portable Chargers
  • Universal Plug Adapters
  • Solar Charger
  • Scrubba Wash Bag
  • Portable WiFi Hot-Spot
  • goTenna Mesh
  • Water Purifier Bottle or Life Straw
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Personal Alarm

Some of the items listed solely depend on the type of trip you are planning to take, however, all are great investments to make for any novice or pro traveler.

Now that you know how to pack your bag it’s time to travel.

How do you pack your life in a carry-on – What’s your travel packing hack?

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